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An original work by Bob Mueller. "The Hands" is a powerful representation of strength, resilance and hope. This image was created from the most important piece of film in the entire 49 year history of NFL Films. When Films President, Steve Sabol, saw Mueller's redition of the image he had captured in 1969 - he put "Butkus on the Bench" in the most prestigous place he could - the entrance to the ED Sabol Theater, where it remains today.

Taken from The Book: "On the Bear’s bench, the defensive platoon of men aligned themselves, much like they did on the field, sitting man to man and almost in formation. They hunched forward as they shielded themselves from the elements. The defense left their helmets on as the rain spat down on them and the mud caked in between their cleats. The big man in the middle, sitting between defensive ends, Dick Evey and Ed O’Bradovich, stared vacantly into the face of the loss that was just a few minutes away.

Dick Butkus, with bloody knuckles taped, had his huge hands clasped together as he absorbed the final, frustrating moments in the mud, the blood and the rain. There it was - a spectacle of motionless action, and a moment of truth that no artist could resist. When the wizard saw it, he crawled on his hands and knees to make it his own. A few seconds of film captured a moment that told the story and created an enduring image that inspired many careers, particularly mine."  


Add "The Hands" Full size 16 X 20 - a limited edition, hand embellished, reproduction canvas print for $US650



An original work by Bob Mueller. The Greatest is the largest art commission that Bob has created. It measures a full 5 ft wide by almost 4 ft high. Sports Illistrated calls this shot: the most important sports image of the 20th Century.
Mueller's depiction is about triumph - to quote ABC Sports "The thrill of victory, and the agony of defeat". About overcoming the odds, the effects of faith and the tranference of energy. 
This work, along with "The Hands", is by far the most popular reproduction requested by audiences and sports collectors alike.
Add "The Greatest" size 36 X 20 - a limited edition, hand embellished - reproduction canvas print for $US950 




Bob Mueller has created over 50 collectable works of art of which the Top 20 are available as Limited Edition Reproductions.

Some of the players in addition to Butkus & Ali are, Bobby Orr, Jean Belieau, Bernie Parent, Gordie Howe, Gale Sayers, Jim Brown, Lawrence Taylor, Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Johhny Unitas and many more.

Additional Products & Speaking


Besides his ability to speak, teach and motivate, Bob's talent, as you might have guessed, is as a premeire Sports Artist. When you hire Bob to deliver a keynote address you may want to 'Kick It Up A Notch" by adding one of his exclusive pieces to your presentation. His work is often used a a gift to an important member of your team, or as a draw or prize for the audience. The art shown is from his limited edition full archival reproduction art collection. 


Given adequate lead time, you can also arrange to have an original work of art created exclusively for you and your event. 



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