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                         HOW TO BE UNSTOPPABLE IN LIFE AND BUSINESS                       


Bob aligns your organization’s values, challenges and needs with his content and philosophy.


What he teaches makes an impact you won't forget.


"For me, the passion is in telling stories, especially around inspired action.  My colorful careers made me an authority on HOW TO DEAL WITH CHANGE.  What I learned created a PLAYBOOK of actionable steps of how to find success from your own inner power.  Finding Your Butkus answers the question           why heroes are important in life and in every business - how in today’s crazy world they are needed now even more than ever.

                    I was put on this planet for a reason - to give people the perspective that they can accomplish much more than they believe they can.                              

  The Emmy Award and my story, "Finding Your Butkus," are catalysts to my being able to reach and

inspire more people to go for and fulfill on their dreams."


What could you learn about focus, self-motivation, leadership and commitment to your goals 

from a 7th Degree Black Belt, Emmy Winning Artist?


What happens when you start to listen and you begin to follow your inner talents and desires? 


They come true.


Speaking fees & Investment Schedule

Keynote Speeches 

starting at $3500 

Full Day Programs/Trainings are available


Always curious  and insightful, Bob customizes all of his programs for each individual audience. Through a detailed pre-program interview, Bob aligns your organization’s values, challenges and needs with his content and philosophy.


In addition to having Bob speak, you can add a piece of his unique sports art to the speaking package.  In particular, his redition of "The Hands", is a meaningful addition that has been used as commorative gifts and fund raising prizes.






































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